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Welcome to Clear Day Counseling and the therapeutic practice of Laura J. Niewald, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. 

Why Therapy?
Hectic schedules, people-pleasing tendencies, family conflict, relationship instability, confusion, mood swings, drama and chaos – these are common issues that can leave one feeling depleted and exhausted. Therapy is a collaborative process that can assist you in addressing and managing challenges unique to your life experience.

Therapy can be a preventative tool that plays into an overall health and wellness plan.  Self-care that combines mental, emotional, physical and spiritual awareness allows for a calmer, more balanced existence.

Professional and personal relationships can be sources of tension.  Working with a mediator to address areas of conflict can revitalize partnerships at work and at home.

Why Clear Day?
"Teamwork divides the task and doubles the success." 
    -Author Unknown-

Finding a good counseling fit means working as a team toward a shared goal - tackling your toughest challenges with an ally, a partner, a solid resource to whom you can turn in times of stress.

Clear Day Counseling is committed to creating a safe and empowering environment for all clients.

Laura Niewald MA, LMFT

Laura J. Niewald MA, LMFT